World of Coca-Cola with Kids

World of Coca-Cola

The  World of Coca-Cola has been opened for a couple years now and we just recently went there to check it out. I have to say that I wasn’t expected much from this trip. I didn’t think the kids will enjoy it as much as I will. But I was surprised by how much fun they had during this visit. Here is the highlight from our trip.

When we first walked in, we waited at the Lobby and were greeted by these giant coke bottles with amazing details from different places around the world. After a short wait, we entered the Coca-Cola loft. The loft was a holding place before we headed to the Happiness Factory Theater. We played trivia games so it didn’t seem like a long time while we waited for the short film. I think the short film was really cute and shown us the glimpse of what goes inside each bottle.

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After the short film, we walked through the door (which was so cool because it was behind the screen) to the Hub where we waited in line to meet the Polar bear. But if your kids are not into big Polar Bear then you can just skip and head to other areas. The next stop was the Milestone of Refreshment. I wish I could give more insight experience but Mr. Z just zoomed through the whole thing with just a little stop at the air pressure machine. But the Bottle at Works stopped us on the track. Mr. Z and Miss J were so amazed by the machine. It was so cool to see the machine in the work.

After spending a really long time at the bottle works, we went to the 4-D theater. A warning for parents with young kids, this show had a lot of movement that could scare little kids. There were a few kids crying during our show. Mr. Z was doing pretty well. So I would say if your kids are 5 or younger you might want to consider their roller coaster tolerance. Ok. Back to the movie. It was a really cool and fun movie. The 4-D effects were fun and engaging. It was one of our favorites.

So what’s our next favorite thing here.. Of course, the Taste it! room. I loved that the station is grouped into regions. I couldn’t tell you which one was my favorite because there were too many. But of all the drinks, both Mr. Z and Miss J gravitated toward the classic coke. After oh.. several rounds of drink that were too many to count, it was time to check out the store. But we didn’t forget to pick up our souvenir. Overall, it was a fun family outing. But I would think kids younger than 4 or 5 might not appreciate it as much as older kids.

Family Favorites:

  • Pemberton Place – It’s a great space and perfect for kids to let loose after all those sugar from Taste it!
  • Bottle at Works! – This is a great stop for us. Kids were amazed to see the machine at work putting all the coke bottles in the crate.
  • 4-D Theater – What a fun show. We have been to Disney countless time and I could say that this 4-D show is as good as the ones in Disney World. The story was fun and the 4-D parts were exciting.
  • Taste it! – Well, it’s one of the main reason we want to visit the World of Coca-Cola. It likes a cultural journey with coke products. Different regions of the world sure have different taste in their beverage. I noticed that Asian tends to love more sweet and fruity taste while in Europe the taste was more on the bitter and strong side. Very interesting!

World of Coca-Cola Information:
Address: 121 Baker Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30313-1807

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