Buford with Kids: Water Fountains at Buford Community Center


Looking for a fun day in Buford with kids? Our Atlanta Parent Squad, Heidi Clarke, found a new water fountain perfect for a sunny day this summer in Buford. Check out her review on her latest visit to water fountains at Buford Community Center with her kids. It will be a great alternative water fun in Suwanee and Buford area. 

Water Fountains at Buford Community Center

Planned Water Fun @ Suwanee Town Center Fountains

I went to Suwanee Town Center today with my boys, fully expecting to be able to allow them to play in the fountains (as usual). Being that it was 83 degrees outside, I had even come in a swimming suit…this mama needed some cooling down, too.

The fountains were broken. I can’t tell you if I was more sad or my boys. I thought about driving over to the Mall of Georgia, a thirty minute drive from where I was, even though I knew in an hour my youngest son would need to take a nap. I began contemplating whether the nap was more important or the playtime.

I tend to fail as a mommy when it comes to responsible nap schedules versus playtime. I think it might be because I get just as excited about the outside playtime, maybe even more than my boys. Avoid the dishes and laundry while getting a suntan and not having to entertain my boys? Yep. That’s what I’ll choose.

New Water Fun @ Buford Community Center Fountains

So, as I’m packing my boys in, about to head over to the Mall, I hear one of the workers ask me if I’m going to the Buford Town Center fountains. Buford fountains? Excuse me? You see Buford has recently built a huge town center and park, just like Suwanee’s. And, apparently, keeping up with the Jones’s, they also had fountains installed.

A quick 15 minute drive later (just up Buford Highway), my boys were pleasantly soaking up the sun and water.

I honestly can’t say which fountains I like better – the Buford Community Center fountains one has much more variety of fountain streams, as well as differing times when they are on and off (my one year old got a kick out of that). Some shoot from the ground, some from the wall on the side. The surrounding area is a bit nicer, too – picnic tables, gazebos, more benches, etc.

My only hesitation about it was that there was only a (relatively, for how fast my one year old is) small stretch of grass before the busy highway. Being that this stretch is all downhill, when the kids were done playing in the waters and playing in the grass, I had to be on UBER guard duty, keeping my son from racing into the road. This, of course, was not a problem for my four year old, but I digress…

Either way I loved the park, and so did my boys, so I thought I’d spread the news. If the Suwanee town center fountains are further away from your house, or turned off for whatever reason, there IS hope…the Buford fountains are phenomenal!

I forgot my camera, so I couldn’t snap a pic of my boys playing. But the picture above is courtesy of Buford Community Center.

Buford Community Center Fountains Information

Address: 2200 Buford Highway, Buford, Georgia 30518

Detail: The Buford Community Center, Town Park & Theatre is a state of the art facility featuring several versatile and distinct venues. The Buford Community Center features over 5,700 square feet of banquet and meeting space, a 290 seat stage theatre, an outdoor amphitheater for concerts and events and a plaza featuring an interactive fountain.


So have you been to this new fountains in Buford? Do share your pictures with us on our Facebook or email!


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