Volunteer with Kids in Atlanta: Best Places to Volunteer in Atlanta

Volunteer with Kids in Atlanta

It’s never too soon to volunteer with kids in Atlanta. Even though many volunteer opportunities have minimum age requirement, there are still plenty of opportunity we can involve our kids in volunteering around town. We have talked about some of the way you can volunteer with kids in Atlanta during holiday season and today we have found more opportunities to volunteer with your kids all year round.

As we get closer to Christmas, the insane amount of local ad and TV ad on the next best toys kids want has increased dramatically. We live in a society that has the mentality of ‘Me’ for most of the time and it’s something I really don’t want that for my kids. We live in one of the best country in the world and have a lot more than 90% of the population in the world. So we want to show them how to be kind and compassionate toward others. Here are some of the best places you can volunteer with kids in Atlanta.

Volunteer with Kids in Atlanta

Atlanta Community Food Bank: Sorting and Packing Food Boxes

The Product Rescue Center provides great hands-on experience in a diverse and social atmosphere. It’s ideal for groups of up to 25 people ages eight and up, as well as individuals, families and friends! Often, multiple groups and individuals are combined to form a single shift, offering the opportunity for your group to meet other groups interested in serving the community.

Volunteer Kids Atlanta Community Food Bank

What: Help with sort and pack food boxes at the Product Rescue Center

How: Families and group with children can help sort and pack food boxes at the Product Rescue Center for Atlanta Community Food Bank. Children must be 8 years and older to volunteer. Chaperones must participate as volunteers with youth under age 18.

Deadline: On-going basis but must register to receive available shift

More information: Register at Atlanta Community Food Bank

Global Soap Project: Cleaning, Sorting and Packing Soaps

The Global Soap Project is working to prevent deaths from hygiene and sanitation related illnesses and improve global health by recycling used hotel soap and turning it into new bars that are distributed to vulnerable populations around the world.

Volunteer Kids Global Soap Project

What: Help clean, sort, cut and pack soap for the Global Soap project

How: Families and group with children can help clean and pack soap for the Global Soap project while parents can also help cut soap into individual bars. Children must be 12 years and older to volunteer.

Deadline: On-going basis but must register to receive available shift

More information: Register at Global Soap Project

Atlanta Diaper Relief: Hosting a Diaper Drive

Atlanta Diaper bank is the FIRST diaper bank in the metro Atlanta area solely dedicated to diaper distribution only.

They  ensure that families living in poverty have an adequate supply of diapers for their infants and toddlers. Not enough is being done to help these families with this specific need. They serve families in Fulton and Douglas counties and have future plans of expanding to other metro area counties. They collect new and wrapped diapers through various local Diaper Drives

Volunteer Kids Atlanta Diaper Relief

What: Host a diaper drive to help collect the diapers for the Atlanta Diaper Relief

How: Even though there is no direct volunteer opportunity to serve with Atlanta Diaper Relief, you and your kids can still help collect diapers for them by hosting a diaper drive. It will be a fun thing to do as a family. Before you hold your event, please get in touch with Atlanta Diaper Relief to let them know you plan on holding a diaper drive. They can tell you if there are any specific sizes they are especially in need of at that time. They can also help you publicize your event.

Deadline: On-going basis but advice to contact them to see what diaper sizes they are in need of.

More information: Contact Atlanta Diaper Relief

Save the Horses: Grooming, Feeding and Caring for the Horses

Our volunteer program is designed to bring people that have a deep love and respect for horses together with horses that need love and respect. Through a series of hands-on experiences, including diet, grooming, handling, medical and dental care, round pen training and riding, our hope is that volunteers will acquire the knowledge to interact with horses in a positive manner. By learning and demonstrating levels of responsibility and knowledge, our volunteers will advance to the point of teaching others.

Volunteer Kids Save the Horses

What: Help with caring of the animals and maintaining stable and stalls.

How: The first step to getting involved is to attend Volunteer Orientation, where you will take a tour of the farm, find out what the farm rules are that ensure your safety and learn about our history, along with other important information about caring for our animals. Young people under the age of 18 must attend the volunteer orientation with a parent or legal guardian, so that they may understand the rules and benefits of volunteering before they start. Horse experience is not required. You must be 15 years old or older to volunteer, unless accompanied by a parent. Parents of children under the age of 15 must work alongside their child and supervise them.

Deadline: On-going basis but advice to contact them to schedule the volunteer orientation

More information: Contact Save the Horses