Tips to Get Ready for Back to School


All the good time must come to an end. Summer break is coming to an end for us in Atlanta metro and it’s time to get the crew ready for back-to-school in full force. 

Today, Kita Bryant, our Atlanta Parent Squad and editor in chief of Kokoa Magazine, shares with us her tips to get your little ones ready for back to school.


Back to school


Schools starts around the Covington area on August 2nd. Which is quickly coming up. I am sure other schools in Atlanta metro area will start right around the same time. So that means we are in the last stretch of the summer break and it’s time to think about routine, school supplies and homework.

There are many ways to get ready without feeling rushed or feeling that time is of the essence. Today, I share some tips and tricks to help everyone get ready for back to school.


Tips to Get Ready for Back to School


1. Schedule and Routine


Start setting up a routine at least two weeks before they start back school. For me I will be sending the kids to bed at 8pm all this week and getting them up early in the mornings as if they were going to school. For parents who work this is probably normal but for those who are at home this works wonders to get their body conditioned for back to school.


2. Uniform and clothing


My son is in uniform and thankfully, I got him some clothes that were extra big from last year so he will be good to start the school year off right. For those who have kids that are not in uniform some great places to get clothes for a great price are TjMaxx, Marshalls, DD’s Discounts, Burlington, Old Navy, H&M,and JcPenney. Buy a little at a time and since winter is coming buy summer things that will be going on sale so when April comes around next year they will have clothes. I always do this for every season and buy one size bigger if you can.


3. School Supplies

Back to school

A lot of areas are having back to school drives that will help if you are in need. In my area here is a good one:

Look for bargains and coupons to buy things on sale. If you have more than one going to school it can get expensive so make sure you look around for the best prices.


4. Orientation


Orientation is important so try to attend this event at your school. In my household we have two kids who have orientation on the same night so I will attend one and my husband will attend the other. I wish I was a superhero to attend both but I am not stressing. Some great questions to ask during open house to teachers are:

1. How will we communicate? Some schools do everything by email so make sure your email is up to date and correct.

2. How often do we meet? Most teachers have teacher conferences at least 4 times throughout a school year make sure you get the dates and ask what office hours are and if you have a concern how can that teacher be reached.

Remember that orientation is a very busy night and many parents have many questions. So schedule something with your child’s teacher on a one on one basis if you have more in depth questions or concerns.

Have fun these last couple of days before school starts I know I will.


About Kita Bryant
Kita Bryant is an editor in chief of Kokoa Magazine. Originally from Charleston,SC but resides outside of Atlanta in the Conyers/Covington area, mother and wife to 2 kids with a love for reading and writing. In her spare time she loves to cook, travel, and learn. You can always contact her on Facebook or on twitter @kokoamagazine