Summer Fun for Kids in Covington, GA


For many parents in Atlanta metro area, summer break is fast approaching the finish line. That means school will start soon. But don’t let that prevent you from enjoying some fun activities before kids head back to school.

Today, Kita Bryant, our Atlanta Parent Squad and editor in chief of Kokoa Magazine, shares with us summer things to do with kids in or around Conyers/Covington area that you can enjoy before school starts.

Summer in Covington


Summer Fun for Kids in Covington (and Conyers), GA

Where has the summer gone?

My kids go back to school on August 2nd and I have had no time to do some of the fun activities around our own town in Covington and Conyers area. But with 3 weeks left to take in some of the scenery, we can still squeeze in some sightseeing and fun activities for kids in Covington and Conyers area. Here are some fun things to do around town that you can enjoy before school starts.


1. Panola State Mountain Park

Panola Mountain Park lake

My son loves to fish and this park has a great area for fishing. The Panola State Mountain park also have one of the best nature trails in Georgia. We love to put on our hiking shoes and take in the beautiful view of the nature trails in the park. You can also pack up the bikes and take it over there to ride the trials. My son has had his new fishing pole for a couple of months and we have yet to use it. It’s time to plan our next visit to the Panola Mountain park to see what we can catch for dinner. Check out the website for more information and direction:


2. Fall Baseball 


My son played football for 3 years but now he wants to try his hand at another sport. He said baseball so we will be doing baseball. The fall baseball schedule is up and it’s a great activity to get into. I know it runs during school but it keeps them busy after school and gives them some fun warm days to enjoy the outside before it gets too cold. Sounds like a home run to me. Be sure to check out the registration date as it might fill up fast.


3. Skyview Alanta 


Want to see the entire Atlanta in one view? This is the place you need to be. The Skyview Ferris Wheel is located in the South end of Centennial Park. We can’t wait to check it out before school starts. Living so far away from downtown Atlanta has its perks but there is nothing like seeing the sky view with the tall buildings right in the heart of downtown Atlanta.


4. Noah’s Ark 

Conyers Animal

We visited Noah’s Ark earlier this summer and we had a blast. Call before you go to the park because they may be closed due to the weather or the animals may not be out and about. It’s an open sanctuary that doesn’t cost anything but a donation so please make sure you donate. Some of the animals do run free so be careful. Some tips: Make sure you bring water and sunscreen or hat because it can get hot out there. In addition, if you have little ones make sure you have a stroller. I forgot to take mines and it was not good.

Also, if you are in the Conyers/Covington area they are having a back to school drive


About Kita Bryant
Kita Bryant is an editor in chief of Kokoa Magazine. Originally from Charleston,SC but resides outside of Atlanta in the Conyers/Covington area, mother and wife to 2 kids with a love for reading and writing. In her spare time she loves to cook, travel, and learn. You can always contact her on Facebook or on twitter @kokoamagazine


Photo credit: Georgia State Park, Kita Bryant