Summer Fun: 5 Family Friendly Things to Do to Beat the Heat in Atlanta

Family Friendly Things to Do this Summer to Beat the Heat in Atlanta

When I came back from our trip to Thailand, I didn’t expect Atlanta to be this hot. It was so hot that our A/C was broken for a couple days. As much as I love the idea of enjoying outdoor adventures around Atlanta, the heat is something we have to worry about with little ones.

So here are our top 5 Family Friendly Things to Do this Summer to Beat the Heat in Atlanta

1. Pool Time: If you live in a swim community, you don’t have to look further. Enjoy that amenity that you have been paying for. If you don’t, be friend to one who live in a swim community. Make sure not to go out during mid-day and use sunscreen regularly. Or check out a list of free swim in pools around Atlanta from Field Trips With Sue – my favorite local Atlanta blogger for family.

2. Head to Local Library: Summer reading is a great way to beat the heat and encourage kids to read at the same time. Check out your local library for storytime and fun summer activities. Also if you have a rising reader in your house, you might want to check out various Summer Reading Programs to help motivate them to pick up the books this summer.

3. Water Parks: We are fortunate to have several water parks in Atlanta areas. Some are bigger than another and cost more. But there are many that are more affordable with smaller scale. So check out the list of water parks and pools around Atlanta.

4. Free or Cheap Movies: Summer Movie is one of my kids favorite thing to do even though some of the movies they have seen it so many times. It’s just something about watching a movie in the movie theatre that makes kids feel like a special treat for any day of the week. Check out the list of free or cheap movies around Atlanta to help you plan your week this summer.

5. Bowling: A perfect way to escape the heat while kids get to spend their energy throwing a ball too heavy to lift. Check out your local bowling alley for discount and deal. Some even offer free bowling this summer!

Do you have other fun activities to beat the heat to share with other readers? Please feel free to leave a comment!! We love to hear from you.

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