Parent Review: Money-Saving Tips for taking your family to the Circus

circus candyAttending the circus is a memory making experience.  We want to walk away with the memory of the tight rope walkers, trapeze artists, and jugglers and not the strain on our wallet.  It all starts with getting a good deal on circus tickets.  Check Goldstar for discounted tickets to select shows.  There are some great discounts on Goldstar.  To save money at the circus think BIG!  Head to your local dollar store for some inspiration!

Ways to Save Money at the Circus

  • Purchase glow necklaces, bracelets, and wands in the dollar bin at the craft store or at the dollar store.  Open these in the car and wear them into the venue!
  • Bring your camera to snap photos.
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth by purchasing candy before time.  If your venue allows you to bring in outside food and drink then you will be glad you purchased cotton candy and circus peanuts ahead of time.  Don’t forget to bring in your water bottle.
  • Save on souvenirs by purchasing those ahead of time as well.  You can get giant bows, clown noses, or elephant figures at the Dollar Store.  They may not have the same glitz and glam as the items at the circus, but it is much easier handing that to your kiddo than saying “no” to each of their puppy eyed requests.
  • Set a limit.  Give your children a set amount of money to spend at the circus.  When their money is gone they cannot purchase anything else.  This allows them to really decide if they are buying something that they want since they have ownership of their money.  Determine what happens to that money if they don’t spend it at the circus ahead of time (i.e. they get to keep it, it goes back to mom and dad).

In the end it is the memories that you create that your family will cherish!  Remember to take lots of pictures and to have fun!

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