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There are two playgrounds at Riverside Park. They are within 50 yards of one another and they both offer similar equipment. The “brown” playground is just on the other side of the fence from this park’s Sprayground. Be sure to check out our Sprayground Guide and Get the Know Before You Go on this fun water spot.


The KNOW Before You Go

Ages: 3-5, 6-12

Parking: Parking Lot

Ground Cover: Mulch

Shade: Full sun

Riverside Collage

Bathrooms: Bathroom facilities are in stand-alone building situated between the two playgrounds.

Food and Seating: There are benches near each of the playgrounds to watch the kiddos. There are also picnic tables with grills under covered pavilions scattered around the park and near the playgrounds. When the sprayground is open, there are concessions available. There are also a few vending machines.

Safety and Surrounding Areas: The red and blue playground has a wall on about 1/3 of the playground serving as a “fence” of sorts. The brown and green playground is surrounded by a split rail fence, mostly for decoration. The playgrounds are a safe distance from the parking lot, though. There is a green space between the two playgrounds, and a spray ground on the other side of the brown and green playground.

Features and Amenities: There is a sprayground, walking/biking trails, grass field for play, and a dock with river access.

Originally published on Expedition Mom, August 30, 2012.

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