Family’s Favorite Parks and Playgrounds in Atlanta (Northeast Metro)


Finding the playground that is fun, easily accessible, well-maintained and has great play structure that can entertain kids for hours is like finding a hidden gem. Once you have found it, your kids will beg to go back there again and agin. So today we are excited that our Atlanta Parent Squad, Cheryl Miller, shares with us her family’s favorites parks and playgrounds in Atlanta 

Parks & playgrounds in Atlanta

If you are new to the Greater Atlanta area but have settled somewhere in the suburbs on the northeast side, you may not know about some of the great parks that are available to you and your family to enjoy. Here are a few of my family’s favorites:


Family Friendly Parks and Playgrounds in Atlanta


Henderson Park


Parks & playgrounds in Atlanta Henderson park

This family-friendly park in Tucker is well known for its youth soccer league, Triumph Youth Soccer Association, the largest youth sports association in DeKalb County. However, anyone can enjoy the beauty of this park when you want to get outside, get some fresh air and maybe have a picnic or let the kids play on the playground.

It is actually 121 acres of beautifully cared for nature preserve with walking trails, a community garden and even a duck pond, waterfull and small lake.

You can find out more from the Friends of Henderson Park, a community group that helps tend to the area and promote it in the community. Address: Henderson park, Tucker, GA Website:


Stone Mountain Playground

If you have a season parking pass for the Stone Mountain Park, you already know what a great investment you’ve made in your family’s leisure time. For a small price, you can come and go from the park all year and enjoy the beauty of the mountain from a more local, less touristy perspective. There are picnic tables everywhere, covered pavilions, beachy areas and just plain beautiful patches of grass to plop down a blanket, open a picnic basket and let your kids run around and play.

Even better, Stone Mountain’s playground is perhaps one of the best in the area. It is large enough for plenty of kids to play freely all at once with plenty of spaces for a great game of hide n’ seek. But it is small enough and enclosed that parents can relax a bit without worry that their kids might suddenly wander off. And, there is a smaller playground for younger kids so they have an area to themselves. There are clean restrooms nearby, plenty of grassy open areas for a good game of Frisbee or catch.

Plus, every kid seems to love spending time at the giant sand box. Bring your beach toys and you will soon be building castles and making friends from all over Atlanta.

Check out more information for Stone Mountain park and playground. Address: 1000 Robert E. Lee Blvd, Stone Mountain, GA 30083  Website:


Piedmont Park


Parks & playgrounds in Atlanta Piedmont park

While Piedmont is still the park for the in-town crowd, it has really done a lot in recent years to become more accessible to families from all parts of Atlanta. There are a couple of new, urban “chic” playgrounds that kids really enjoy.

The downside is that you will most likely have to pay to park, but once you are inside the park, you can easily spend the entire day. Bring your own small cooler with drinks as sometimes the water fountains are spaced a bit far apart. And, make sure you are good with your directions because after walking a bit, it is easy to get turned around and not remember how to get back to your car.

But, if you are looking for a great place for roller-blading, bike riding or flying a kit, Piedmont is a beautiful way to spend a summer day.

For more information: Address: 400 Park Dr NE  Atlanta, GA 30306  Website:


DeKalb Peachtree Park (PDK or Airport Park)


Parks & playgrounds in Atlanta PDK park


If you have ever found this gem, you know how much kids love it. The DeKalb Peachtree Park is in a most unusual place – the airport.

The DeKalb Peachtree Airport (PDK) just off Clairemont Road in DeKalb County has the most adorable little playground with a grand view of the small engine and private airplanes as they come in and take off from the runway.

It has clean, update playground equipment with plenty of climbing and swinging activities for a small group, plus a nice pavilion area if you just want to enjoy some sunshine and watch the runway. There are covered picnic tables and a nearby restaurant so you can plan to enjoy lunch while you are there, too.

Quite unique, this park also features some history with a memorial to the war veterans of Georgia and the pilots who have served our country.

For more information: Address: 400 Park Dr NE  Atlanta, GA 30306  Website:

These are just a few of the many parks that exist around the Atlanta area. You may have to search a little or ask some of the “locals” if you are new to the area, but after a few turns and twists down our back roads and you will soon find those wide open spaces and playgrounds that will remind you of your own childhood. And, the great part is that most of these activities are free! So, pack up the sunscreen and bottled water this Summer, grab a blanket and load the kids in the car – let’s get out to visit the parks and enjoy living in Atlanta with kid(s)!


About Cheryl Miller
Cheryl Miller gave up her corporate, cut-throat career as a Marketing Research Manager for CNN in Atlanta for the “simple life” of a devoted wife and Mom of a fun-loving first grader. She blogs about the schools and cell towers on her group’s website: and writes news and opinion pieces for the Tucker Patch.  She has lived in DeKalb County for 13 years, the past 10 have been in Tucker. She hopes to bring some humor to her postings and help her Tucker community attract some new fans to its local events, kid-friendly restaurants and shoppes and other attractions