Parent Review of Sister Act Broadway Show in Atlanta


Today’s review of Sister Act broadway show in Atlanta is contributed by our Atlanta Parent Squad, Cheryl Miller. Cheryl is a devoted wife and Mom of a fun-loving first grader.

Sister Act Atlanta

The Fabulous Fox Gets “Ghetto Fabulous” with Broadway’s Production of “Sister Act”

Thank you to the Atlanta Parent Squad for sending me on my first official mission to report on the world class entertainment we are all so fortunate to enjoy here in Atlanta. Last night, my little girl and I were treated to the Broadway Production of “Sister Act” and it was even better than I had expected!

As any Mom will likely tell you, it is easy to get into a routine once you have a child.  Not only that, but routines are actually good for kids and can help us stay organized. But, when “routine” starts to turn into a “rut,” busy Atlanta Moms with kids have to find a way to break free!

Mother & Daughter Night Out in Downtown Atlanta


One of my most favorite ways to enjoy Atlanta and show my daughter how fun it can be to live near a great city like Atlanta, is to see a show at the Fox Theatre in downtown Atlanta.  And, for a short time, you are in luck!  If you love to laugh and your child enjoys singing and dancing, then get out this week and see “Sister Act” at the Fabulous Fox Theater downtown Atlanta.


What We Love About Sister Act Performance

Sister Act Broadway Show in Atlanta

Sister Act was adapted to the stage and has been playing on Broadway. But, last night we had the chance to see it live, thanks to the Atlanta Parent Squad.  What did we love about it?  Oh just EVERYTHING!

The big flashing lights of the Fox marquee, the walk down the red carpet, the friendly attendants who help you find your seat – these are some of the things that make the Fox great!  My daughter and I were both in awe of the luxurious surroundings, the tapestries, the velvet cushions and draperies.  It’s all part of the decor that makes  the Fox so unique.  It has that old-time glamorous Hollywood feeling. And, once you get inside, your child will be amazed to see the ceiling that’s painted to look like the night sky.  It is breathtaking at any age and so fun  to see with your little one.

We arrived a bit early as you just never know how the traffic might delay your trip downtown.  There are cheaper ways to get to the FOX, but we opted to park across the street for $15.  With 30 minutes still to go before showtime, the lot was near capacity. So, leaving home in plenty of time is definitely important.


Kid’s Take on Broadway Musical

Sister Act Broadway Show in Atlanta 2

My daughter, who is 6, was so impressed she could hardly contain her excitement.  Every once in a while she just had to jump up and down out of pure joy just while waiting in line.  I told her a little about what the musical “Sister Act” might be like based on what I could recall from the movie that starred Whoopie Goldberg many years ago.  I knew it would have a lot of great singing and dancing and I was right.  The leading women in this musical were outstanding and the acoustics at the Fox are beyond compare.  It was sensational!

The entire storyline takes place in the 1970’s and has a funky disco feel to it.  From the moment you hear the first song, you will already want to start dancing in your seat. By the time the second act is nearing its end, you will be shouting “Amen Sister!”  and doing your own rendition of the boogie-woogie!  And, you you will not be alone. The audience was really have a great time and enjoying the show.  On stage there was a rappin’ granny nun and a priest with a little hip hop added to his sermon to  reach a younger crowd.  It will have you laughing out loud.

This show was perhaps a bit advanced in terms of some of the humor for my 1st grader, but it was not offensive.  And, at least she never once got bored.  But, for children a bit older, maybe 10 – 12 years old, it should be the perfect mix of story line and action to keep them interested, but enough lyric and song to teach them to appreciate the art of live performance.

On our way out we stopped to look at the mementos.  My daughter decided on a pink T-shirt adorned with silver sparkling nuns dancing around on the front and one hot pink nun in the middle. Why am I getting the idea that she already knows what she wants to wear to her own church choir, which is performing tonight for family and friends?

The shirt and the great memories still have me smiling today.  However, I know who to thank if my little one decides that the shirt isn’t quite enough and decides to “bust a move” on stage like the nuns from the show!  Ha ha!  Thank you Atlanta Parent Squad!

Sister Act Broadway Musical Information:

If you would like to enjoy Sister Act, we have the 411 on the show for you.

Place: Fox Theatre, 660 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

Date: Now – April 28, 2013

Ticket price: FULL PRICE: $45-$65  GOLDSTAR PRICE: $25.50-$35.50*. Additional fees apply. Purchase tickets here.

Check out Sister Act discount tickets information here.


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