Imagine It! Children Museum with Kids

If you have kids, you probably have heard or visited Imagine It! Children Museum of Atlanta. This family favorite children museum in downtown Atlanta is a great place for a day out indoor to avoid the heat in Summer or the cold in Winter.

We have visited Imagine It! several times throughout the year. I would highly recommend you to get the family membership. This year we had our reciprocal membership so we can use our membership in other particiated children museums throughout the country. It’s really a great value considering you can also use it at INK (about 45 minutes North of Atlanta) or Children Discovery Museum in Chattanooga.

Family Favorties:

  • Tool For Solutions: This year-round exhibit is one of our kids favorite. They can simply just stay at this one exhibit for hours on end. Kids get to operate the crane machine to move around colorful balls to the storage bin. There is a water station that helps move all those balls up for the crane delivery. And best of all, a set of train tables that are big enough for them to share and play with their favorite choo choo.
  • Let Your Creativity Flow: My art-lover daughter, Miss J loves this exhibit. She loves to spend time creating her masterpiece using the moon sand. After that, she heads to the wall art. How fun to be able to write, paint and draw on a wall and if you don’t like it, it’s just one sqeegee away for a clean slate.
  • Fundamentally Food: A grocery store, the conveyor belt, and the kitchen are the main components to make this exhibit one big hit in our family. Mr. Z patiently waited his turn for a chance of a shopping cart so that he could go shop at the store. Kids learn to interact with each other without having met before.
  • Leaping Into Learning: The water table area completed with raincoat so little ones won’t get soaked. Kids learn to fish using fishing pole or they can run to the tree house nearby. It was great for little one as well as big kids.
  • Speical Exhibit: Each quarter Imagine It! has special exhibit that combines learning through playing and shows. Currently, the special exhibit is ‘Exploring Trees Inside and Out’. It was a great learning exhibit with fun place for kids to explore. And check out the calendar of events for special shows.

Ok.. It seems like we love every exhibit here and we DO. The Imagine It! might not be as big as other big children museums like the Port Discovery Children Museum in Baltimore or the Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga. But what we lack in size, we make up in great exhibits. And I think it’s actually made the Imagine It! such a great family museum. The size is not too big to overwhelm the parents. It’s more manageable to keep track of your kids in this one story museum. The exhibits are all fun and interactive that kids will love to spend hours and hours in there. The only issue you might have is when you have to leave and they don’t.

Imagine It! Children Museum Information:

Address: 275 Centennial Olympic Park Drive NW, Atlanta, GA 30313-1827
Fee: Age 2 and over – $12.50

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