Friday Five: Ways to Cool Down on a Budget

Indoor Playground in Atlanta - Northpoint Mall

Welcome to our new feature in Atlanta With Kid that we hope will help our community to share and discuss in a fun way. It’s called ‘Friday Five’ where we will share different topic ideas – from five great places to have pizza to five ways to enjoy outdoor fun. We also hope to get many suggestions and ideas from our awesome readers to share in their opinion and experience.

Friday Five will be featured monthly on Friday.

As the temperature keeps rising and reminding us that summer is right around the corner, families are looking for way to stay cool without breaking a bank or having a cabin fever inside the house.

Here are some suggestions we have found that will keep the whole family cool this summer on a budget.

Five Ways to Stay Cool on a Budget


1. Indoor Soft play area in the mall

There is no doubt that the mall is one of the easier way to cool down if we don’t shop! Several malls in Atlanta metro area provide a kid-friendly section with soft play area where kids can climb, slide and play. See our list of indoor playground in Atlanta for your next outing.

2. Story time at local libraries & bookstores

A visit to a local bookstore or library is a fun way to avoid the heat and yet educational at the same time. Check out your local library for story times that will sure to keep kids in their seats for a while. Or check out our list of story time at local bookstore in Atlanta near you.

3. Interactive Fountain and Splash Pad

There is something about water shooting up to the air that both entertaining and captivating for kids of all ages. The interactive fountain and splash pad playground is a great way to cool down on a hot day. There are several options available around town. Check out Atlanta Deal Sites – 5 Interactive Fountain & Splash Pad in Atlanta for more detail and information.

4. Free Bowling for Kids

We just recently published a list of free bowling for kids this summer program. It’s a perfect way to stay cool inside and away from the heat. Many of these programs required registration in advance so check out the list of free bowling for kids in Atlanta and make sure to register your kids for this summer.

5. Cheap Movie with Kids

Even with rising movie ticket price, going out to see a movie is still an economical choice for family. With a few steps in planning, the cost will be even cheaper. During summer, several movie theaters offer summer movie program for kid-friendly movie for free or $1 so stay tuned as we will be posting about the update soon. We also recently posted about the special movie program for family from various movie theaters that make going to the movie even easier for family with special need kids or baby!