Eat with Kids: Gladys Knight & Ron Winan’s Chicken and Waffles – Johns Creek

We have heard about Gladys Knight restaurant for a while. But the downtown location is not convenient for us to make a track whenever we have our fried chicken craving so we have never tried until now.

They just opened a new location in Johns Creek – perfect for North Metro residents like us.

The Place:
So off we went. The restaurant has a great airy setting with outdoor seating. It feels very welcoming that we feel good bringing our kids there. There are also a few couch seating for you to lounge if you want. Kids might enjoy that seating as it’s probably more comfortable but for parents I think it won’t be as comfortable especially when you try to eat fried-chicken.

The restaurant is very family-friendly with all the amenities to accommodate family with children. At one time, we saw a group of moms with babies and toddlers. Staffs were very attentive and helpful. There were enough high chairs for the whole group.

The Food:
The food.. oh.. the food was and is amazing! I mean.. who can resist fried chicken and waffle? It’s a perfect combination for the whole family. We have eaten fair shares of fried chicken but I have to say their chicken wings are to-die for. It was crispy and tasty. Your first bite will be the one that you want to savoy for the rest of the day. The size of the chicken wings itself was enormous. It was a jumbo wing so don’t think it’s too small when you order Midnight Train and saw the description of 4 wings and a waffle. Waffle was delish! Even after I stuffed myself with all the wings, I still managed to find space to finish the waffle.

Mr. Rojo thought Midnight Train was too small so the first visit he ordered Uncle Ron. Ha.. He could barely finish everything. The dish came with 4 dark meat chickens and 2 side-order. Mac&Cheese was a big hit for the kids and collard green was perfect for me.

If your kids are not a big eater like mine, they can easily share an order of Waffle Snack which has a chicken drumstick and a waffle.

The Price:
For under $30 we had enjoyed a great meal that everyone love. It has become one of our family favorite whenever the craving for Fried chicken or Waffle hit us.

The Detail:
Place: 3495 Peachtree Parkway, Suwanee, GA 30024

Check out other locations at their website – Gladys Knight and Ron Winan’s