A community-based, personalized option in the Obamacare Market place for Atlanta and Chicago

Open enrollment can be one of the most stressful times for families…

If you are having to purchase health insurance through the heath insurance marketplace, it can be downright confusing and scary. If your employer doesn’t provide qualifying coverage, it is now your responsibility to purchase coverage during open enrollment.

For residents of Atlanta and Chicago there is a new option- one that is “you” centered.

Harken HealthHarken Health debuts in Atlanta and Chicago, bringing personalized and community based healthcare with affordable health insurance options.

Posted by Lori McMillen Brown on Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Obamacare Open Enrollment

Although exact open enrollment dates change from year to year, they generally occur between November and January. It is during this time that choices through the Health Insurance Marketplace, also known as the Obamacare Marketplace or Healthmarket, can be made for the coming year.

Harken Health is available through the Marketplace Exchange during the open enrollment period, as well as other qualifying times such as marriage, loss of other health insurance, or even the birth of a child.

Affordability and Healthmarket Options

How can something so new be affordable? I asked the same question. I know of several people who have more personal, concierge-like providers. The difference is that they pay a premium. Not everyone can afford this, so how can something community-based be affordable?

The answer I got was that this was built from the ground up with the patient in mind. Instead of trying to fit a solution into someone’s existing insurance, they’ve actually developed a plan that is chosen through the health insurance selection. Harken Health offers three plans based off of your budget and health needs.

Where is the Harken Health Option Available?

In early-2016 Harken Health Centers are only located in the Chicago and Atlanta area.

In Atlanta, there are 6 area center- Roswell, Decatur, Duluth, Austell, Marietta and Atlanta.

Where Can I Learn More?

You can go to HarkenHealth.com or call 844.566.3390.

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