Center for Puppetry Arts Promo Code for The Adventures of Mighty Bug

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The performance at Center for Puppetry Arts is always entertaining and educational for both kids and adults. It’s a perfect family activity to do in Atlanta metro area. Kids will not only enjoy the amazing performance by Atlanta’s award-winning Center for Puppetry Arts performers, they will also learn in the process. Shh… don’t tell them that!

Center for Puppetry Arts Promo Code for The Adventures of Mighty Bug:

Center for Puppetry Arts Promo Code Mighty bug

Atlanta’s award-winning Center for Puppetry Arts creates a colorful — and educational — comic book style adventure with their latest live production, starring a superhero called Mighty Bug. With super strength, senses, and flying ability, Mighty Bug has managed to keep the hopping town of Bugville and its singing star Morpha Butterfly safe from harm, until the villainous Scorpiana swoops in for a sting. Aimed at kids ages four and older, the hour-long show combines shadow and body puppets with digital and overhead projections to tell an engaging and visually exciting story that teaches a little science too.

Location: Center for Puppetry Arts, 1404 Spring St. NW at 18thAtlanta, GA 30309

Date: Selected dates from Feb 22 – Mar 1, 2013

Price: FULL PRICE: $16.50  GOLDSTAR PRICE: $8.25*. Additional fees apply. Purchase tickets here.

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