Brer Rabbit & Friends Review: Fantastic Show @ Center for Puppetry Arts


Looking for a way to spend a day as a family? Our Atlanta Parent Squad, Heidi Clarke, went to Center for Puppetry Arts and gave us the Brer Rabbit & Friends review. Check out what she thought about this family-friendly show, Brer Rabbit & Friends at Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta.

Brer Rabbit & Friends Review

Brer Rabbit & Friends Review

I have to admit, when I signed up to go view this “puppet” show I had low expectations. My only experience with puppet shows were the few I had seen at the library with my son – sock puppets, little wooden frames with fabric curtains, voices that all sound the same (with mild variations in pitch), jokes that are only funny for kids, and a maximum of two *very old* puppeteers. You know the type. Enjoyable…for my four year old. Period.

More Than Just a Puppet Show

This show was not what I would consider a puppet show. I would place it alongside a smaller, more child-friendly version of a Fox Theater musical production. The music was fantastic. The mood was palpable. The characters were fun, fresh, and HILARIOUS – and not just for my four year old.

The second we walked into the theater, we were transported to the deep south. Mama Narrator began various African American tales that were then hilariously recreated by cute woodland puppets and their masters. My four-year-old son could not stop talking about Brer bear losing his tail, Brer Fox pretending to be dead, or Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby. My one-year old was even enthralled the whole show. He especially loved the slapstick, Charlie Chaplin-style humor of Brer Bear and Brer Fox. Both loved the flowing, gorgeous singing voice of Sister Mud Turtle. And, of course, my four-year-old’s favorite character was Brer Rabbit – especially because of how smart and tricky he was.

Brer Rabbit & Friends Review

But while my son was engrossed in the stories, (which, of course, I was as well) I was astounded by the talent – the puppetry skills, the singing, the music, the set work, even the lighting and sound. It was a very well-put together, professional piece of theater art. I have spent some time in the Musical and Theater world, and thus can appreciate the time and effort put in to create such a well-tuned, flawless show. It was fantastic. It is worth every bit of the long drive and money spent to see it.

Mom Approved

After the show, we enjoyed the museum (my older son especially liked seeing Big Bird and Cookie Monster), and even got to make our own Brer Bear Puppet. It really was a great way to spend the day as a family. I highly recommend it.

Brer Rabbit & Friends Performance Information:

Location: Mainstage Theater, Center for Puppetry Arts, 1404 Spring St. NW at 18th, Atlanta, GA 30309

Date: Apr 11 – May 26, 2013


  • Tues-Fri: 10am & 11:30am
  • Sat: 12pm & 2pm
  • Sun: 1pm & 3pm

Cost: Member – $9.25 per person, Non-Member – $16.50 per person

Note: Check out website to purchase tickets. Recommended for ages 4+


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