Atlanta With Kids: 13 Things to Do in Atlanta before You’re 13

Atlanta with kids: 13 Things to do before you're 13

For parents of newborn, toddler and preschooler, I have one advice, enjoy every moment (the good, the bad and the sleepless). It’s true when they said times fly. I still remember when we first moved to Atlanta when our kids were in preschool how every weekend was a fun new adventure for us to go out and explore what this great city has to offer. Fast forward a few years later, when our weekend activities are filled with friend’s birthday parties and sport activities.  And now my older daughter will go to middle school this coming school year. Soon before I knew it, she will be a teenager!

Those fun adventures are great memory we created as a family but don’t take it for grant. Some activities are fun for kids in certain age. Once they get older, they are less likely to enjoy them.

So here are our list of 13 things to do in Atlanta before your kids turn 13. You can also click to download printable pdf file to take along with you on the outing or put it up on your fridge.

13 Things to Do in Atlanta before You’re 13


1. Play, learn and explore at Children’s Museum of Atlanta

Children’s museum of Atlanta is an awesome place for kids from toddler to age 6. After that, it will be harder to hold their interest. But younger kids will be in awe and love to explore every inch of this great Atlanta attraction.

2. Build sand castle and swim at Buford Dam park beach

Most kids love swimming. What could be more fun than spending a beautiful afternoon on the beach and building sand castle. The Buford Dam Park Beach is a great way to escape for family that doesn’t involve a long car ride and crazy expensive admission price to water parks. Yet kids can still have fun in the water.

3. Make a puppet at Center for Puppetry Art

Center for Puppetry Art is a great place for a fun day indoor where kids will enjoy puppet show, learn about puppet history and even make their own puppet creation. The center has been a great destination for school field trips.

4. Taste soft drinks from around the world at World of Coca-Cola

Ok. This visit might still bode well even when your kids are well into their teen years. Who doesn’t want to try out all your heart or your mom will allow soda from Coca-Cola. But the World of Coca-Cola is not all about free drinks, kids will also enjoy meeting the polar bear, watch 4-D movie and see the factory. Our kids still beg us to go back there again.

5. Pick your own fruits at local U-Pick farms

Kids love to do things on their own. It makes them feel like an adult. So picking your own fruits is one of the best family activity. Luckily in Atlanta metro area we have several u-pick farms for all season from pick-your-own apples farms in Fall to strawberry picking in Spring.

6. Watch movie under the star at outdoor summer movie series

Summer can be stressful for parents to try to fill up the day of kids complaining about being bored at home. The outdoor summer movie series is a great way to chase away those boredom in the house. Pack up the car with lawn chairs and some snack and the whole family will enjoy a movie night under the star.

7. Eat cotton candy and funnel cake at Atlanta Dogwood festival

Spring festivals in Atlanta is fun and perfect for families. Cotton candy, hotdog, funnel cake and italian ice are some of food you can easily find at the festival. And one of the most popular festival in Atlanta, Dogwood festival, has a bit of everything and more for the whole families.

8. Learn to build at Home Depot Kids Workshop or Lowe’s Build & Grow

This might be the only time parents can feel at ease letting their kids handle real hammer and nail. The Home Depot Kids’ Workshop and Lowe’s Build & Grow offer free workshops for kids on the weekend.

9. Hike up to top of the fall at Amicalola Falls

Hiking with kids might sound like a lot of work especially if you are not outdoor type person (like me). But a visit to Amicalola Falls will give anyone even the novice in hiking the sense of accomplishment and the joy of reaching the top the falls. If you are not sure about hiking for the first time, you can cheat a little bit and drive up to the parking lot where all you have to do just walk on a short trail to the top of the falls. Baby step!

10. Watch airplanes take off at Dekalb Peachtree Airport playground

There is something about seeing a huge metal thing flying out into the sky that mesmerizing to kids especially boys. The Dekalb Peachtree airport playground is a great place to let them run and play while spotting aircraft taking off and landing nearby.

11. Tour the farm at Cagle’s Family Farm

Kids love animal. It’s the fact. A visit to local farm like Cagle’s Family Farm is fun and entertaining for kids. They will meet farm animals and maybe even learn how to milk the cow.

12. Cool down with water fountain at the Centennial Olympic Park

There are several splash pad and water fountains around town but the most recognized one for Atlanta metro is none other than the Centennial Olympic Park. It’s just something you have to experience once. It was fun for kids to run through the rings of fountain. But be warned, there is very little to no shade around the fountain so bring the umbrella.

13. Meet the dinosaur at Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Fernbank Museum of Natural History has a lot to offer more than just the dinosaur that greets everyone as we enter the museum. With multi-level of learning and fun for kids to explore including IMAX movie and special exhibition that changes on a regular basis, kids can spend hours in there.


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