5 Ways to Save on Family Fun with Daily Deal Sites

Atlanta With Kids

Many of you might remember that I have started a new blog called ‘Atlanta Deal Sites‘ that posts about Atlanta daily deals from all group buying deal sites in Atlanta. The reason I started a new blog because many times the deals are not all family-friendly and I want to keep the content on this blog as clean and as family friendly as possible.

Each day we post at least 20-25 deals a day in Atlanta metro area. So I have seen many many deals and purchased those for our own family. So today I would like to share how we enjoy family fun and outings on a cheap.

See our 5 Ways to Save on Family Fun with Daily Deals

Atlanta Deal Sites1. Cheap Movie Night

I have seen many movie tickets deals on various deal sites from KGB Deals, Mamapedia or Tippr. Typically, the movie ticket for adult will cost you minimum $7 and you will have to watch them before noon. With the daily deal sites, you can grab those for $5 per ticket.

I just recently took my whole family to watch Narnia 3D at the Studio Movie Grill. We grab the current $5 Movie and a Soda deal from Mamapedia. A great family movie night that costs us $20 including soda for each of us.

2. Dining Out On the Cheap

The best way to save on family budget is to cook your own meal at home. It’s a given. But for this working mom, cooking after a long day of work sometimes is not very appealing. I always look out for great local restaurant deals in my area. And there are plenty to have.

Make sure you read all the fine print and understand the term and condition. Not all deals are created equal.

3. Budget Friendly Kid’s Birthday Party

For many families, kid’s birthday party is a big expense in their budget. I have done both home party and various kid-friendly places. Lately, I have leaned more toward store birthday’s package. There are many kid-friendly options that you can look for. And if you follow Atlanta Deal Sites feed, you will see that many times they will offer promotion with various deal sites.

Along with the movie tickets I got from Mamapedia deal, I grab additional tickets (thanks to unlimited purchase) and plan to use that for my daughter’s birthday party. She loves watching movie and we had her birthday celebration at a theatre before. This is a perfect way to save and still manage to give my kid a birthday celebration they want.

4. Discount on Family Attractions

Of course, Atlanta with Kid is a great resource for you to find free or cheap family friendly things to do in Atlanta. And one of the way to do it on the cheap is to plan ahead and snag a deal when you see one.

Recently, there were multiple deals for fun adventures like zipline, canoeing or horse back riding. Yes, we are in the middle of winter and the last thing you want is going ziplining in the wood. But if you read the expiration date carefully, most of them will give you at least 6 months to one year. So you can save that for the summer.

A quick look at my favorite Half Off Depot found a couple deals perfect for family like Center for Puppetry Arts or the Rinks at Park Tavern Piedmont Park.

5. Grown up Fun

A happy mom is a happy family. So it’s also a great idea to look out for grown up fun that mom or dad can enjoy like spa service, golf or beauty salon. With the daily deal, you can have a blissful hour long massage for less than half price. It helps reduce the mommy guilt when we spend money on ourselves.

Do you have additional ways to save on family fun? Please share!