Strawberry Picking in Atlanta Metro

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As much as I loath Spring for all the pollen and allergy-induce sneezes, I am looking forward to one of our favorite activity during Spring. Strawberry Picking in Atlanta season is here!!!

Strawberry picking in Georgia season usually runs from Mid April till June (depends on weather of that year) and blueberry picking season starts up around June or July (stay tune for a list of pick your own blueberry farms).

So I have done some digging and found several pick-your-own Strawberries farms around Atlanta. There are probably more that are not in the list. I pick farms that are within one hour drive from Atlanta. If you live in the suburb, your driving time might be less or more depends on where you live.

Also before packing the kids and heading out to the farm, it’s best to call them in advance (on that day). Because you will never know if they are closed that day or if there is any change in their crops.

Pick Your Own Strawberry Farms Around Atlanta


Jenkinsburg: Deb – Deb’s Strawberry Farm

Address: 159 County Line Road, Jenkinsburg, GA 30234
Phone: 770-504-1486
Date & Hour: Open April – June. Monday – Saturday: 10AM – 8PM & Sunday: 1PM – 6 PM
Note: Check their facebook page for up-to-date information.


Fayetteville: Cottle Strawberry Farm

Address: 290 Banks Road near the water tower, Fayetteville, GA
Phone: 770-719-2600
Date & Hour: Open April – May.
Note: Call and if someone picks up the phone, it means they are open. If there is no one pick up the phone, it means the farm is not yet opened. As of now, they plan to open by this weekend. Call first! See website for more info.


Stockbridge: Cottle Strawberry Farm

Address: 4830 E Fairview Road, Stockbridge, GA 30281
Phone: 770-761-7822
Date & Hour: Open April – May.
Note: Call and if someone picks up the phone, it means they are open. If there is no one pick up the phone, it means the farm is not yet opened. As of now, they plan to open by this weekend. Call first! See website for more info.


Fayetteville: Adams Farm

Address: 1486 Georgia Highway 54 West, Fayetteville, GA 30241
Phone: 770-461-9395
Date & Hour: Open April – June. Monday -Saturday from 9AM-4:30PM.
Note: Accept cash or check only. Check website for more info.


Loganville: Washington Farm

Address: 3650 Loganville Hwy., Loganville, GA  30052
Phone: 770-554-8119
Date & Hour: Open April – May.
Note: Call before head out because farm might close due to weather. Or check out their website for update.


McDonough: Southern Belle Farm

Address: 1658 Turner Church Road, McDonough, GA 30252
Phone: 770-898-0999
Date & Hour: Open Mar 27th – May. Monday – Friday: 8am-6pm ; Saturday: 8am-6pm; Sunday: 1pm-6pm
Note: Check their website or become a fan on their Facebook fan page for update.


Oxford: Mitcham Farm

Address: 797 Macedonia Church Road, Oxford, GA 30054
Phone: 770-855-1530
Date & Hour: Open Mid March – June. Monday – Friday from 9AM – 5PM. Saturday from 1PM-5PM. Sunday from 9AM-5:30PM.
Note: Open now. See website for more info.


Dallas: Harry Stacy Farm

Address: 623 Poplar Road, Dallas, GA 30157
Phone: 770-443-0292
Date & Hour: Open April – June.
Note: Check website to update on the operating hour. CASH only. See website for more info.


Monroe: Red Sun Farms

Address: 1599 Vasco Adcock Road, Monroe , GA 30655
Phone: 404-569-1199
Date & Hour: Open April – Mid June. Monday-Saturday: 8AM-8PM
Note: Check website for update information on opening date, price and hours. Accept Cash and Checks only!


Cumming: Warbington Farms

Address: 5555 Crow Road, Cumming, Georgia 30041
Phone: (770) 380-2920 & (770) 889-1515
Date & Hour: Open April
Note: Check website for update information on opening date, price and hours.

See our map for U-Picked Strawberry Farms near Atlanta, GA

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  1. On a similar note, Berry Patch Farms in the Woodstock/Canton area has pick your own blueberries!

    1. Amy says:

      Thank you, Dennis!

      I will do a round up of Blueberry picking farm in the next few weeks when the season starts (probably around Jun)

  2. We’ve been to the Adams Farms before and it’s wonderful! Sometimes the owners can be a little grumpy but killing them with kindness seems to work wonders :)

    1. Amy says:

      Thank you for the input Candi. It’s good to hear about your experience. :)

  3. JEN says:

    Sad that those of us n the NW area don’t have any. I do agree that Berry Patch Farms is great for blueberries (and pumpkins!) but I don’t think I am willing to drive over an hour to pick strawberries.

  4. Bri says:

    Any idea if any offer organic pick your own?

  5. Sarah says:

    I agree, JEN, I wish there was somewhere in the Roswell/Alpharetta/Cumming area. Closest to me is over an hour away …

    1. Amy says:

      Sarah, I just added one in Cumming – Warbington Farms. Enjoy! :)

      1. John Cherok says:

        Do not go to Warbington Farms. I went there last year and had an awful experience. They sold me a bucket to pick strawberries but there were no berries in the field. They kept selling buckets to people coming in and everyone was complaining there were no strawberries. They wouldn’t give back your money either. I left with no berries and no cash. Do not go.

  6. Sherri says:

    Thanks Amy! I appreciate all the leg-work on this. Do you like strawberries? Ha ha. We love them! Blueberries even more!!!

    1. Amy says:

      You’re welcome! We love blueberries. Just have to be careful when you pick blueberries. It’s a bit harder for kids. :)

  7. Karen says:

    Oh yum! thanks for this information!

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  10. Irina says:

    We always enjoy berry-picking experience in Atlanta area. We have been to Loganville (Washington Farms) and Jenkinsburg (Deb’ s Strawberry Farm) and both places were great: a lot of tasty berries and extremely friendly staff. Last weekend we made a huge mistake and went to Warbington Farms in Cummings. There staff is unfriendly; they do not allow you to go to the patch where they have strawberries and make you hunt for few left berries on the almost bald area. After you pay for the visit you become involved into unpleasant conversations (borderline to fight) to execute your right to pick up strawberries and this takes all fun out the whole story. To add insult to injury these folks treat their berries with some chemicals. Watch for warning signs, which explain that their chemically treated berries have to soaked in the mix of water and vinegar prior to human consumption. From my standpoint we have a lot of wonderful places in Atlanta area for picking up berries, but sadly enough WARBINGTON FARMS IS NOT A GOOD PLACE!