Bing Rewards VS Swag Bucks Review

I know many of you probably have heard or even are a member of Swag Bucks reward system where you get paid in point for doing things online that you normally do like searching for toys, looking for nearby coffee shop and many more.

I am not a long time user of Swag Bucks. There are many experienced users who know the in and out of Swag Bucks. You can also follow many deal bloggers that post ways to earn extra credits in Swag Bucks each day.

Recently, I received the email about the new Bing Rewards. As curiosity is my middle name, I just have to check it out and see what is it. My first guess is it must be something similar to Swag Bucks and I was right.

What is Swag Bucks or Bing Rewards

Swag Bucks or Bing Rewards are the online website that rewards users for performing tasks online that they normally do like search using their search tool, purchase deals (Swag Bucks), accept offers from sponsors (Swag Bucks), try out new Bing Features (Bing Rewards)

How to Earn Credits with Swag Bucks or Bing Rewards

For Swag Bucks, there are many ways you can earn your credit. Currently there are 12 ways listed that you can earn your Swag Bucks ranging from Daily Deals, Search, Invite & Earn, Games and many more

For Bing Rewards, since it’s still new currently to see how you earn credits, you can click on the little tool bar at the top to see what other offers available. I have seen something along the line of ‘Search for weather forecast’ or ‘Search for nearby coffee shops’.

How to Redeem credit

There are various ways to redeem your credit. Most will love to get gift cards from big brand like Starbucks or

At a quick glance, the amount of credits required to redeem the gift cards is comparable.

For $5 Gift Card

  • Bing Rewards requires 541 credits
  • Swag Bucks requires 450 SB

For $10 Starbucks Gift card

  • Bing Rewards requires 1338 credits
  • Swag Bucks requires 1300 SB

So clearly right now Swag Bucks has more advantage from require less credit to redeem and more selections of the redemption prizes.

However, right now Bing Rewards gives out 250 credits just for sign up. So if you are brand new and not a member to either Swag Bucks or Bing Rewards, it might be a great chance to start off with a huge credit in your account.

How to Start

You can sign up with Bing Rewards using your window live ID. So if you already have a hotmail account, they can easily link that to your Bing Rewards account.

For Swag Bucks, the sign up process is also quick and easy. You can choose to use your Facebook account to sign up. Click here to join.

One thing I found annoying is during the sign up process for Swag Bucks there are several offers. You just have to get past that.

I would love to hear from veteran Swag Bucks users about their experience and see how hard it is to build up your credit. Are we talking about months for one $5 gift card or just weeks?


  1. I have only earned 1 Amazon card in the time I have been using Swag. I am not good at Swag. I wish I was. Their toolbar crashed my safari, so I dumped it.

  2. I started swagbucks about 1 year ago when there were almost 400,000 liking them on fb- now I find that since they now have over half million followers and the site has way more advertising, the website is slow and frustrating to use. In 1 year I cashed out 21 times for $5 amazons by doing mainly searches with a few special offers and 1-2 surveys. I decided to look into Bing and like the fact that the sign up bonus is huge- you are already 1/2 way to a $5 Amazon so I might consider using it- however I don’t like the fact that I need to download the toolbar- but maybe I’ll consider it after I read more reviews. Thanks for posting.
    PS- i am liking right now for gas cards. Anybody want to sign up under me?

  3. Yeah – I’m not a big fan of swag.. but I’m not a big fan of anything that has to be on my toolbar… like alexa and SU. Ugh. Hate those – but need those.

    I ended up rarely using swagbucks; but then any time I typed into my address bar without going first to a search engine – I’d get to their search engine (Which I’m not a big fan of, doesn’t give you the best results) and then i’d win swag bucks. Over the course of the maybe 6 months or so that I used it I earned two $5 Amazon cards. Not bad.. but not super awesome either.
    I really needed diapers once – and was just waiting to get my swag bucks cashed in until I needed an amazon card – so I cashed it in then, only to realize that it takes a few weeks to actually get the code from SwagBucks for amazon.

  4. I am a HUGE fan of Swagbucks! Since mid May, I have earned $60.00 in Amazon gift cards with just a litle effort. Once you know HOW to use the site, you can earn SB quickly.

    One of the best tools for learning when there is a code, what searches produce results, where the easy offers are, where the videos are, etc. is the Facebook fan page of the site. Other Swaggers share their information, which shortens your time for getting points. There is also a link to Swag for Dummies, which is a helpful site that explains it all.

    Surveys are the way to get big points fast, that is if you qualify. I avoid certain survey companies, as I never qualify for them, or you spend ten minutes answering questions before you are disqualified.

    I redeem my SB for the five dollar Amazon gift cards. It is the best deal. Why save thousands of points for a product, when you can save your gift cards and get it for free with fewer points on Amazon?

  5. i visit Bing website every day to do the task to get points and let them cumulate till i get enough points for a rewards ($5 Amazon gift cards so far), thats it, i still use google for my everyday serch thou

    I also use Swagbucks and find it more rewarding, easy to get $5 Amazon gift card, so far i got total of $80 gift cards by doing nothing but easy tasks like searching the web

  6. I’ve been using Swagbucks for less than 3 months and I’ve already earned $75 in Amazon gift cards (that’s 15 $5 gift cards… 5 per month) and all I’ve done is search, play games, take easy surveys and watch swag tv. I’ve used my Amazon gift cards to already purchase a HDMI converter box and a really nice pair of headphones! I love Swagbucks and if anyone is interesting in signing up as one of my referrals I can give you more tips to earn like I do!

  7. I’m a huge fan of both Bing rewards and swagbucks. They are both extremely reputable rewards programs so that’s why I would recommend both of them. You can write your own Bing rewards review at

    Swagbucks I would rate at 8/10 while Bing rewards would be a 9/10 simply because Bing has proven to get me prizes much easier than SB.

  8. I jumped on the swagbucks wagon a couple months ago, but man it takes too much time to earn through the search, videos, etc. And their processing time can get a little ridiculous – weeks just for a $5 amazon gc? Really? Not cool. I’ve had to resort to other sites like instantbucks , similar but way fast processing time and crediting. No toolbars! haha

  9. I’ve actually never heard of bing rewards, but definitely have of swagbucks. But what’s frustrating for me is that i earn so little compared to the amount of time I spend and the processing time. So I’ve been using other sites like cashcrate, inboxdollars, and instantbucks and so far instantbucks is where my loyalty lies. I’ve been able to redeem for 2 $10 amazon gift card in a couple of weeks, but I’m sure I can do more…